Mummy Milestones

Last month my youngest boy turned 2.

Tristan 2nd birthday 020

It marks a huge change in the family dynamics. It’s like once they hit this age things start to get easier.  Now I’m no expert. But you require less things bottles are a thing of the past or about to be, toilet training is just around the corner.  The pram is something they try to escape every chance they get.This leaves you running down the shopping center chasing them. While they give a little chuckle the closer you get. Then you end up with them on your hip, while you push an empty pram….Any of this sound familiar or did you just have a flash back…… Communication is starting to click a lot better both verbal and non verbal. They are so good at chucking a temper tantrum they could win a logie. The move from a cot to a big bed. Now this happens earlier for some. For us we are still in a cot at the moment and I’m happy with that. Means he still little for that wee bit longer.

It’s the little stuff I want to remember….Being a mum is a lot tougher than I ever thought it would be. So some days I find that rainbow others I find drawings of rainbows on walls.

So today I’m going to try and find a few more Rainbows in my life. I hope you do as well. Please share if you do.

Annie xxx


About Annieslane

My name is Annemarie I'm a Crazy mum to 3 boys...wife to an amazing husband...I really need something to keep my sanity in check!! So this is it. About me.... I have no idea were to start. I'm unorganised, running on others peoples time is something I'm not good at. I'm not the perfect house wife, I leave the dishes for the next day if I couldn't be bothered, then curse myself the next day for not not doing it. On being a mummy I try my best some days I do get it right. Other days I need wine. But I'm managing the best way I know how.
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