Hide and Go Seek!!!

Today’s post was going to be about Christmas. Instead it’s about Shopping Centre Hide and Seek.

How many of you have played this game? For the few of you who might not have kids or haven’t had the pleasure of playing this long drawn out game. Let me fill you in on how the games works for us.

  • Enter retail store the bigger the better
  • Walk around store looking for what you need
  • Look back to check on child/ren
  • You can’t find them

Now your playing a game out of your control. Your heart skips a beat. You start thinking the worst. What if they got taken by someone. You scan the shop for the nearest exit.

Your Options

  • Scream like a mad women
  • Run to the front of the store declair you have lost your child to the Retail Staff. (yes they will judge you)
  • Look under every fixture, coat rack you can find
  • Find the toy Aisle
  • Check the change room.
  • Check the toy Aisle again

You spot them. They are calm looking at something that has taken their fancy. No idea that quietly inside you are screaming your little heart out.

I have probably missed a few step here and there. But you get the idea of the game.

This morning all I needed to get was a roll of contact. Quick and easy. I’ll be in and out of the shops in no time. It will take longer to drive there than it will to shop.

So after walking past the toy Aisle Master C starts checking out the toys. After declaring his love for Max Steel. Demanding he have a toy that cost $49.00. Yeah right buddy.

Insert game right about now…..

This game felt like it lasted for at least half and hour. This kid is a pro at this game. Quiet as a mouse. He is also a runner so the closer I get he runs.

image  Yes I did stop to take a pic….

So after abandoning Master T and running after him in my thongs with my pants starting fall down. I’m sure I looked very graceful running around K-Mart.  I finally caught the little BEEP. Let’s just say we left very quickly after all this. Yes I did manage to get the contact.

So who is up for a game…..

If this has happened to you or happen’s all too frequently please leave a comment.

I’m off now to go hide in the house see how long it take’s Master C to find me.

Annie xx


About Annieslane

My name is Annemarie I'm a Crazy mum to 3 boys...wife to an amazing husband...I really need something to keep my sanity in check!! So this is it. About me.... I have no idea were to start. I'm unorganised, running on others peoples time is something I'm not good at. I'm not the perfect house wife, I leave the dishes for the next day if I couldn't be bothered, then curse myself the next day for not not doing it. On being a mummy I try my best some days I do get it right. Other days I need wine. But I'm managing the best way I know how.
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One Response to Hide and Go Seek!!!

  1. Sheree says:

    Hahaha, I know too well it ain’t funny but it is when u hear it from someone else it’s funny. My little treasures do this all the time, my littlest miss 3yrs loves to do it most, once she did it to her great Nan when she was watching her. Great Nan finally found her, she was playing in her car but previously when great nan checked her car, little miss 3yr old hid under the seats as best as possible, after one huge panic attack from great Nan & a near heart attack (just jokes, I’m exaggerating ) she finally heard the giggling, thank god!
    Miss 3yrs does it all the time in the shops but when Miss 3yrs hides at home, I can’t help it, I find my heart defiantly skip too many beats, I find the 1st thing I do is check the pool before I can breath again & know it’s just a game to her!

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