Gift Giving!!


It the most wonderful time of the year. As the saying goes….

With Christmas just around the corner, do you tell your other half or family member’s what to buy for you or do you drop little hints here and there.

A long running joke I have with one of my close friend’s is that my husband can’t pick a gift, I like to save himself. Now don’t get me wrong he puts a lot of thought and effort into choosing a present. But the problem lye’s with me. It’s normally a great gift. But yes I’m using the BUT…. it is normally too big, wrong colour or totally not me.

So after years of pretending to love the gifts being the good wifie that I am. He asked why I didn’t wear what he brought for me. After thinking long and hard. A few words popped into my head. All of these words would of had me back peddling for days. You know when you open your mouth and words come out, that can’t be put back in. Then the more you try and correct yourself the deeper the hole get’s.

These days I drop massive hint’s Like the Thermomix book on the kitchen bench, Talk about a new lens for my camera, Yes these are all expensive gifts. No I’m not getting either. But a girl can dream. So this year I just told him what I would like. Simples.

Do you buy your own present or do you love the surprise?

Annie xx


About Annieslane

My name is Annemarie I'm a Crazy mum to 3 boys...wife to an amazing husband...I really need something to keep my sanity in check!! So this is it. About me.... I have no idea were to start. I'm unorganised, running on others peoples time is something I'm not good at. I'm not the perfect house wife, I leave the dishes for the next day if I couldn't be bothered, then curse myself the next day for not not doing it. On being a mummy I try my best some days I do get it right. Other days I need wine. But I'm managing the best way I know how.
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