How to get the work groove back!

As you know I just sent my middle child off to school. So the question is now what to do with myself. Return to work a few days a week or study. The thing is I feel like I’m so far out of the loop. That being a mummy has really just taking up so much of my life that I forgot to keep my career on track. Before we moved I had a wonderful support network of other SAHM. So between the school drop off, play groups and sporting commitments I would fit coffee in or breakfast with these lovely ladies. The rest of my days were filled up with being a house wife. Now that is really not one of my strong suits the whole house work thing Blah.

So over the last 2 weeks I have been looking at what jobs are on offer part-time only. Guess what I have no experience in any of it. What I do have skills in I’m not qualified enough. So that leaves me with the whole Study thing. But what to study. As I  just don’t want to study just anything. As Tafe course’s have now gone through the roof.

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So I’m thinking we need to have a place where mums who are returning to work can go to find jobs that suit the skills they have or people need to advertise jobs to suit mum’s returning to work or promote school hours Jobs.

The cost of putting 2 kids in before or after school care and one child in care for a day. Is making the whole return thing almost not worth it. But the benefits of working just to keep skills up and not to mention the sanity factor.

So while I write this I’m really stalling at writing that Resume or looking for that course I could be studding.

Annie xx


About Annieslane

My name is Annemarie I'm a Crazy mum to 3 boys...wife to an amazing husband...I really need something to keep my sanity in check!! So this is it. About me.... I have no idea were to start. I'm unorganised, running on others peoples time is something I'm not good at. I'm not the perfect house wife, I leave the dishes for the next day if I couldn't be bothered, then curse myself the next day for not not doing it. On being a mummy I try my best some days I do get it right. Other days I need wine. But I'm managing the best way I know how.
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