Over night Oats

This is so easy to do. Great for busy families and if your kids love Oats than they can have it as well. The combo’s are endless.


1/3 or 1/2 cup of Rolled Oats (not quick oats)

1/3 or 1/2 cup of  Milk of your choice

1 table spoon of Chia seeds. (optional)

1/3 or 1/2 cup of Yoghurt of your choice I used Greek but some one in the family found it too bitter for them.

I put frozen berries on top as many as you like.

Next morning I put some Granola on for some crunch

I layer all ingredients into a glass mason jar with a lid on it. I found a glass jar with a handle at The Reject Shop for $2.00 perfect.

you can mix it before or leave it in layer. Put lid on and leave over night. Simple. You can also add fresh banana in the morning if you like as well. Really it’s up to you. But this is a basic recipe.


Enjoy xx




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You just can’t do it all!!!

hug day greetings (1)

A few weeks ago I  had a personal struggle. With being a Mum. I really didn’t think it would be this hard. Some days are wonderful but the other week it was just  a struggle.

One afternoon a week ago you would of found me in a heap on my bed having a little cry to myself as nothing seemed to be going right. I was at breaking point. One more thing probably would of tipped me over the edge.

But we all have these days don’t we?

But it’s the thing that lifts us up and gets us going. After all we had soccer training at 5pm and who else was going to take Master 8.

So on the bed still in a ball Master 8 comes and gives me a hug. That’s all it took, for me to stop having my pity party and realise that I really had to get up and do it.

So what do you finds lift’s you up when you are down. Sometimes its just a simple thing like a hug. But it is ok to have days like this.

So last week was a good week and so far this week is going great for me. I hope you are having a good week too.

Annie xxx


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Do you Bake goods or do you rush off to the shops to grab something?

My lack of being organised is getting a bit of a reputation……

If you have been following the blog for a while you will know that I’m now writing list’s to try and get this organised thing happening.

Well fail last week.

Friday morning 15 minutes before leave for school, and I remember that Master 8 has to take in a shared morning tea. So rushing around like mad thinking Pop Corn will do I’ll send that in, not enough let in the bag. Well guess off to the shop for us to grab something on the way. When my phone rings. It’s a friend asking if I need her to grab me something for the shared morning tea. Talk about a friend in need is a friend in deed. Saved. A packet of Honey Soy Chips will do.


This pic is to prove I can bake. Honest.

So are what would you do in this situation. Rush off to the shops or make some thing or have something ready and waiting in the freezer for a moment like this.

You would think that after being a School Mum for a few years now I would have this stuff sorted out. I’m still fining my feet.


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When being organised, is no good unless you stick to the plan.

As you probably all know I can procrastinate while procrastinating.

The last few weeks have been busy for me. Getting use to doing the school thing with 2 at school. But now the after school sport has started again. My brain seems to have picked itself up and left my body and left behind a lot of mush.

A few Wednesday afternoons ago after doing the school pick up driving home in the car asking the standard questions of the day….

Who did you play with? (This is normally answered with) you know….

What did you learn? Nothing….

What did you do at school today? Played….

Master 5 said Mum you forgot my show and tell…….

(insert mother of the year award here)

So determined to make sure next week I was on the ball. I put my wonderful Kikki-k daily planner to work. Having marked at the top of the page everyday Wednesday Show & Tell…..

Only for 11pm Tuesday night to come around and yep still haven’t even thought about show and tell for tomorrow. So turn the lap top on, find said picture, fire up word and print, done.

securedownload (2)

Above pic is ‘show and tell’. What did I forget??? To put a name to it or name any of us. Oh well at least it got to school this week.

So after all my effort of trying to be organised and plan a head. A planner is use less, unless you look at it. Hubby is at me to go all Tech and use my calendar on my phone and I-Pad.

So this leads me back to a question I asked on Facebook a fews ago are you a sucker for stationary or do prefer to use your online calendar and sync.

Have you forgotten something lately?

So I’m off to write a list for my list.

Annie xx

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When did the School lunch box go Gourmet!!!

When did school lunch boxes become more than just a sandwich, a piece of fruit and maybe a packet of chips thrown in. I think back when I was at school this was called a poor kids lunch box.


Some days my son comes home from school and has only eaten his sandwich. Apparently due to time restrictions. (Play time). So for me its finding something he will like to eat and put that in. But I often get lunch box envy, when I see kids with things like a Quinoa salad or home made muffins I have tried but seem to fail at this. So are these gourmet lunch for school kids or is it a more healthy choice parents are offering kids these day.

My Prep went to school last week with a chocolate custard. It doesn’t matter if it was home made or brought from the shops. But the boy next to him told him he couldn’t eat it as it was unhealthy. That was it for my Prep he sat with his arm crossed until the teacher told him it was ok to it eat, But it’s a sometimes food. Now I’m all for healthy eating but I also understand that sometimes what ever you have is what makes it in the lunch box. 9 times out of 10 the fruit always come back at my place.

So what yummy things do you put in your kids lunch boxes?

Do you feel the pressure to make an effort with school lunches?

Are you a gourmet lunch box person?

Let’s see what come home this arvo after school.


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How to get the work groove back!

As you know I just sent my middle child off to school. So the question is now what to do with myself. Return to work a few days a week or study. The thing is I feel like I’m so far out of the loop. That being a mummy has really just taking up so much of my life that I forgot to keep my career on track. Before we moved I had a wonderful support network of other SAHM. So between the school drop off, play groups and sporting commitments I would fit coffee in or breakfast with these lovely ladies. The rest of my days were filled up with being a house wife. Now that is really not one of my strong suits the whole house work thing Blah.

So over the last 2 weeks I have been looking at what jobs are on offer part-time only. Guess what I have no experience in any of it. What I do have skills in I’m not qualified enough. So that leaves me with the whole Study thing. But what to study. As I  just don’t want to study just anything. As Tafe course’s have now gone through the roof.

photo (1)

So I’m thinking we need to have a place where mums who are returning to work can go to find jobs that suit the skills they have or people need to advertise jobs to suit mum’s returning to work or promote school hours Jobs.

The cost of putting 2 kids in before or after school care and one child in care for a day. Is making the whole return thing almost not worth it. But the benefits of working just to keep skills up and not to mention the sanity factor.

So while I write this I’m really stalling at writing that Resume or looking for that course I could be studding.

Annie xx

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The Unorganised House Wife

Today I’m at a loss on what to write about it has been so long.

Now with the holidays over and 2 of my kids back at school. I kind of feel a little bit lost as to what to do with myself. I was determined to start the school year organised. I even had Kat from the Organised House Wife give me a few hints. Guess what I’m still unorganised…..Today it was all my own fault I forgot to set the alarm clock well put it on my phone. Who owns an alarm clock these days? Lucky the boys felt the need to wake me up. So after the morning rush and dropping 2 kids at big School. As I walked out of the school gate I felt a little bit lost with only one child holding my hand. So what to do with the rest of the day? Or the rest of the week?

While the kids were on holiday I started to put things in a pile to do when they went back. That little idea has turned into a mound of things to sort out. But that is boring and it will always wait until tomorrow.

So I’m going to try and get things sorted. I have my Kikki-K to do list. (I really love that shop). But so far not a single thing written on it.


My close friends and family know how bad my organisational skills are. After having kids they have gotten out of hand.

So wish me luck on trying to stay on track

Annie xx

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